Gigi & Pop – “Fireworks!”
Available as a digital single and on the album All Year Long.
Video by John Goddard – 2013

“Tonight You Belong to Me” @ The Burlesque Hall of Fame 2010 – Las Vegas.

Performing our version of “The William Tell Overture” @ The Burlesque Hall of Fame 2009 – Las Vegas. (With Miss Astrid and El Vez!)
Video by Kirsten Hollander and Marky Pierson.

“Beware the Company” @ The Burlesque Hall of Fame 2011 – Las Vegas.

“Santa Go-Go!” @ Crash Mansion, NYC – December 2010.  Cookie threw out her back just before the show and played anyway…super trooper!

“Cocktails for Two” @ Bordello, Los Angeles – February 2011 – “Peepshow Menagerie Burlesque.”  A tribute to the great Spike Jones!


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    Busted bootleggin' during prohibition, blacklisted during the red scare, on the beat road shootin' apples off our heads in Mexico, flippin' and trippin' at the Factory, lost and found somewhere during the seventies & eighties, and now still preachin' power to the people. We've got stories to tell and songs to sing for the cost of a couple drinks (bourbon fer me, neat, and a martini fer the lady). Believing in the potency of pop music, you must succumb to (or at least have a cocktail with) Gigi & Pop! )*()*()*()*()*()*()*()*()*()*()*()*(

    "Best Variety Act" 2009 Burlesque Hall of Fame Pageant (Exotic World) (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)